Milo Branwyn Hesto Barnabas Farling Tobbins Took

Forest Gnome Monk


Player – Chris Oltyan
Alignment – LN
Background – Sage (Alchemist)
Traits – Oblivious when focusing on something, Lazy
Ideal – Self-improvement
Flaw – Lack of self-confidence


Milo escaped from a cult at an early age, but his parent died in order to give him the opportunity. He ran for weeks to escape and after his supplies ran out he collapsed deep in a forest unknown to him. A kindly monk picked him up and brought him to a monastery where he learned martial arts and the ways of the sage. As the only forest gnome in a world of humans, he was constantly belittled for his perceived physical abilities (even thought he was rather exceptional). This resulted in the development of an inferiority complex as well as an aversion to work, driving him to engage more with the sages than the martial artists. His keen intellect and boredom drove him to delve deep into the archives in search of something interesting and eventually he discovered the dark secret of the monastery. On a new quest he happened across information on his parents murderers, pointing him to Greenest.

Milo Branwyn Hesto Barnabas Farling Tobbins Took

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